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Our Group Philosophy

We are passionate about improvement and optimisation. We believe that advancements in interconnectivity and our ability to process, learn and make predictions from data will lead to profound change in the way that cities, factories, buildings and infrastructure operate. These technological developments allow us to optimise physical spaces to create Smart Environments – maximizing the occupancy, wellness, and bottom line of our clients.

Our group focuses on creating Smart Buildings, Smart Industry and Smart Communities, where the need for efficiency and optimisation is at its greatest.
Smart Buildings
  • Large buildings such as office parks, shopping malls and large hotels

  • Complex and high-risk environments such as hospitals, universities and casinos

Smart Industry
  • Complex manufacturing concerns such as mines and automotive, food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing sites

  • Infrastructure such as data centers, power stations, ports, rail infrastructure, stadia and airports

Smart Communities
  • Smart city initiatives and micro grid infrastructure

  • Residential communities, such as lifestyle estates, retirement homes, and households wishing to embrace automation and self-sufficiency


We offer a broad range of holistic solutions to create Smart Environments:

Renewable energy systems and self-generation

Holistic Insights, analytics and monitoring

Industrial automation

Building automation

Efficient lighting

Advanced video surveillance

Advanced video surveillance

Voice integrated safety

Fire detection and suppression

Access control

Access control

Workforce management

Health and safety technology

Backup power and monitoring

Customer, Employee and Occupant Insights



Infrastructure as a service