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category: Smart Industry

Video Surveillance: Major Hospital

FS-Systems installed Gallagher Access Control and Avigilon​ CCTV​ ​systems​ ​for a major hospital in South Africa.

The major hospital group was in need of a comprehensive access control solution with several key factors that the solution needed to provide. Key factors included:
- Centralised control and management of staff and contractor access to the various areas of the hospital
- Enhanced security for critical areas of the hospital such as the Neo-Natal ward, Pediatrics ward, Operating theatres and Pharmacy
- Panic Alarm monitoring
- Ease of use for security operators and hospital management
- Comprehensive and automated reporting
- Security Control Room monitoring
- Flexibility to expand as the hospital building grows and its operational needs change.

CCTV requirements for the hospital were also examined in detail and key factors for the CCTV system included:
- High Resolution footage to enhance people and object identification
- Improved crime prevention and deterrence
- Automated monitoring and alarm notification for security operators
- Longer recording storage of CCTV footage, up to sixty days
- Integration with installed hospital Ethernet Network and reduced bandwidth use
- Ease of use and operation of the system by Security and staff
- Security Control Room Monitoring

  • Location

    Cape Town, South Africa

  • Installer


  • Equipment Systems

    Gallagher Access Control, Avigilon​CCTV​

  • Duration

    12 months