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category: Smart Industry

Fire Detection: Gold Mine

FS-Systems, being a leader in the mining industry for implementing cutting edge security solutions, was approached by a large mining company in Ghana to upgrade their existing fire detection systems and replace it with the latest technology in Fire Detection and Voice Evacuation Systems.

When one considers the high power consumption of the sophisticated equipment being used in the mining environment combined with the harsh environmental elements, the risk of fires increases exponentially. Having gone through a detailed design and consultative process which included all stakeholders the following recommendations where made:

- A new Fire Detection and Emergency Voice Evacuation System to be installed within key buildings and remote sites across the entire mine site
- All alarms and alerts generated must be relayed back to the Main Control Room (MCR)
- The new Fire and Voice System must integrate with existing 3rd party services
- All alarms and alerts to be displayed on a graphical map in the MCR
- Emergency Voice Evacuation was required for mass notification.

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    Edwards, Securiton